Chill Out Tango Marathon In Istanbul

About the eventChill Out Tango Marathon In Istanbul

Chillout Tango Marathon is Turkey’s oldest but the most innovative marathon. The 13th of our event, “Chillout Tango Marathon in Antalya”, which has been held in Antalya since 2011, will be organised at Corendon Playa Kemer between 17-21 October 2024, and the first edition of “Chillout Tango Marathon in Istanbul” will be organised in Inn Park Taksim between 06-10 June 2024. Istanbul.
The main theme of Chillout Tango Marathon is “party and fun”, and good music, good food, good treats, good venue, good level of Tango are the most important issues for us.
The aim of all tango events is the happiness of the participants. The number one actors of our tango marathons are our “marathon participants.” As Chillout Team, we would like to thank all our participants who showed interest in our marathon and wish them a healthy and happy life…

Day 1 (Thursday):
22.00-04.00 Pre-party Milonga

Day 2 (Friday):
22.00-04.00 Night Milonga

Day 3 (Saturday):
14.00-19.00 Day Milonga
22.00-04.00 Night Milonga

Day 4 (Sunday):
14.00-19.00 Day Milonga
22.00-04.00 After-Party Milonga



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Taksim Inn Park, Istanbul, Turkey

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