SPG 27th Annual Conference Istanbul 2024

SPG 27th Annual Conference Istanbul 2024

Following the tremendous success of our 2023 conference, the SPG are delighted to announce this year’s Annual Conference – Istanbul 2024

Date and time

Starts on Wednesday, June 26 · 10am GMT+3



İstanbul İstanbul, İstanbul

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About this event

  • 2 hours

Following the tremendous success of our 2023 conference, the SPG are excited, and delighted to announce this year’s Annual Conference – Easing the Burden, to be held in Istanbul.

The ever-increasing long hours worked in the legal profession, takes its toll, therefore it is important to find ways to use your energy and time at work more efficiently, which can help you complete tasks more quickly and cut down the hours you are spending in the office. The annual SPG conference will give you the opportunity to take away golden nuggets to help you change and sustain your practice through the years ahead, without burning out.

The conference is set in the historic town of Istanbul where you will have the opportunity to share your experiences and learn in a relaxed atmosphere. While still having the opportunity to enjoy and explore the culture of Turkey with your family.

This year we have two conference options for the same ticket price, check out which you would prefer to attend.


17:30 – 18:00

Wednesday 26th June 2024 (full conference)

30 minutes of networking

17:30 – 18:00

Thursday 27th June 2024 (full conference)

30 minutes of networking

19:00 – 23:59

Friday 28th June 2024 (essential/full conference)

Join fellow Sole Practitioners, Executive Committee Members and Speakers for a Social evening of food, entertainment and informal networking.

10:00 – 16:30

Saturday 29th June 2023 (essential/full conference)

Full day conference. Hear from heads of our regulatory and representative bodies along with key industry leaders.

19:00 – 23:59

Gala Dinner – Eastern Delights (essential/full conference)

Join us for a Masquerade Ball themed Gala Dinner with entertainment, 3 course meal, raffle, auction, and dancing.

10:00 – 14:00

Sunday 30th June 2024 (essential/full conference)

Half Day Conference, continuing with the theme of Change in a Changing Profession

11:00 – 11:30

Monday 1st July 2024 (full conference)

30 minutes of networking

11:00 – 11:30

Tuesday 2nd July 2024 (full conference)

30 minutes of networking



Mini Mozzarella Cheese Caprice Salad, Colored Cherry Tomato, Olives, Rocket, Virgin Olive Oil (V)(GF)

Classic Ordovr Plater;

“Haydari” Yoghurt with Mint,” Kısır” Bulgur Wheat Salad, Russian salad, Smoked Salmon,” Antep Ezme” Spice with

Tomato, Hummus, Cucumber and Tomato, Kasar Cheese, Feta Cheese

Traditional Olive Oil Platter; (V)

Dry Eggplant Stuffed, Orange flavored Artichoke, “İmam Bayıldı” Eggplant Stuffed with Onions, Wine Leaves “Dolmas” “Sumaklı” Onion Dolmas

Turkish Meze Platter;

Vine Leaves ‘‘Dolmas’’, Olive oil Artichoke, “Muhammara”, Circassian Chicken, “Topik” Chickpea Onion Currants, “Bakla Fava” Fava Beans Puree, Smoked Eggplant Salad, Aegean Seabass Salad, Cretan Cheese Paste, White Cheese, Cracker


Truffle Risotto, Parmesan Cheese, Baby Greens (V) (GF)

Beef Minced “Talaş” Borek with Roasted Pepper Sauce

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank Pie, Deglazed Root Vegetables it is Powerfully Jus

Quinoa-Stuffed Red Peppers ‘’Tulum’’ Cheese Coriander Oil Dressing (V)(GF)


Baked Salmon Fillet, Lemon, Spınach Risotto, Green Asparagus Shavings, ‘’Bisque’’ Sauce

Roasted BBQ Chicken Breast, Mustard Flowered Baked Potato, Broccoli Served, Brown Sauce

Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Potato Creamy, Green Bean, oyster mushroom, Beef Sauce

Eggplant and Zucchini İndian Style Curry, with Steamed Basmati Rice (V)(GF)


‘’The Star in’’ Rochers Hazelnut praline filled cream, Cacao crumble, Cherry Sorbet

Bomonti Praline Cake Almond Praline Creamy, White Chocolate Mousse, Almond Crunch.

“Tastelicious” Crackling Last Flavor Chocolate and Mint Creamy, Crunch, Fresh Fruit

“Paponi” – Traditional Black Sea dessert with pastry cream Semolina Creamy, Cinnamon Mousse, Strawberry Pieces

“Pyramid” Cake Milk Chocolate and Blackberry Cake, Forest Fruit Sauce

The Creation “Chocology” Chocolate Mint Cake, Raspberry Ganache, Chocolate Mousse, Opera Cake

Le Gout Bitter Chocolate Creamy Cake, Crunch, Chocolate Sauce Turkish Dessert Plate

Chocolate “baklava” Walnut baklava, Walnut Roll, Pistachio “Kadayifi”, Cream

“Bake ology” Passion Fruit Mousse, Salty Caramel Apple Filled, Mango Sauce

By Lockton & SPG

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